Step one: Yearning

We've all felt it - that sneaking suspicion that

something is missing from our lives

I'd Like Something Awesome.

I'm Splendid.


Step two: Pursuit


Browse our awesome selection of templates. Choose one that is

right for your pet, or commission a completely custom masterpiece!

Why, this is perfect.

After Purchase, Visit our Photo Upload Page

to Upload a clear Photo of your Splendid Friend.


Step three: Patience

It takes approximately 8 weeks to produce each

customized oil painting and ship it to your home.

Get a haircut, take a nap- whatever you like. We'll handle things from here.

Magic is creating something from nothing.


Step four: Bliss

Enjoy awesome, 100% original artwork customized to

celebrate the beast you love most.

Splendid Beast!

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3