Custom Cat Paintings

Based on your photos and imagination


Are you looking to create a cat painting based on your own beloved feline? Then you've come to the right place! Making your cat look Splendid in a handmade oil painting on canvas is our business. Commission a completely custom work, or select from one of our templates. Don't need a funny cat painting with a fancy costume? Then check out our No Costume Templates.

Cat as Van Gogh's self-portrait by Splendid Beast
Cat Portrait as Clint Eastwood
Cat Portrait
Cat sitting near its oil portrait as the goddess Athena
Cat sitting by its oil portrait as a lady
Cat standing near its paintings
Two Cats in Mona Lisa's lap oil portrait by Splendid Beast
Fantastical Cat Painting of knights, princess, white horse & castle
Two cats pose as the Frida Kahlo painting 2 Fridas

Or Select From Our Cat Portrait Templates


White cat painted as queen Marie Antoinette
Feline Oil Painting as a pirate by Splendid Beast
Cat Portrait as Royal Monarch
Islander Cat Portrait by Splendid Beast
Majesty Cat Painting by Splendid Beast
Cat Portrait as Harry Potter
Cat painted with no costume by Splendid Beast
Cat Portrait as Surgical Doctor
Feline painted like old time airplane pilot by Splendid Beast