Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are the paintings?

You can select either 16″ x 12″ or 24″ x 18″. You can also check out our Huge Canvas options if you need something bigger.

How long before I get my painting?

Please allow 8 weeks from the time you order and upload your pet’s photo.

October 30 is our standard cutoff for “guarantee delivery by Christmas” orders, so please plan accordingly if you want to delight your Splendid recipient.

Why does it take 8 weeks to receive the painting? I want it now!

Some things are worth the wait. After our digital artists collaborate with the painters and the painters hand paint your custom pet portrait, much of that time is spent waiting for the oil paints to dry.

This is for posterity: picture your final work hanging up a century from now. We need to do this right!

Is there a way to show my gift recipient something before the painting arrives?

Yes! We send digital mock-ups roughly 2 weeks after we see your order come through and receive all the images we need to start. We also send an image of the drying painting at about the 6 week mark.

Contact us if you’d like a postcard to hint at what’s coming to tide your lucky recipient over until the painting arrives.

What's the difference between 'Gallery Wrapped', 'Canvas Only', and 'Framed'?

Gallery Wrapped paintings arrive stretched around a wooden frame, ready to hang on your wall the moment they are delivered. They also look stately! Our gallery wrappers are excellent and likely as or more affordable than your local art store. For this reason, we recommend Gallery Wrapped.

Canvas Only paintings arrive rolled up in a tube, ready to be custom framed or matted at a local art store. This option is more work for you, and likely only cheaper up front.

Framed paintings arrive with everything completed for you! Our painters will select a frame for you that matches your painting’s color scheme. This way, each one will have a professional artist gallery look to them! Custom colors can also certainly be requested.

If you decide to frame on your own, please note that oil paintings look best without glass.

If I buy a gift card and my recipient wants to upgrade to a more expensive painting, can they apply the gift card to the total?

Yes! Absolutely.

I have a [insert Beast]. Can I still order a painting?

Yes! All of our templates are designed to work with any beast- Dogs, cats, horses, lizards, hamsters, birds, etc.

Rat painting portrait by Splendid Beast

Can you paint multiple pets in one painting?

You bet your canine and/or feline keister we can.

Check out the American Gothic template or describe your future masterpiece using our Custom form.

Can a human be in the painting?

For custom work, absolutely. You tell us what you want and we paint it. That’s how it works. (Though keep in mind not all beasts care to share a canvas.)

How does payment work?

Once you have selected a painting, proceed to the cart and press “checkout”. You will have the option to pay securely with your credit card or via PayPal. We use industry leaders in both security & encryption – WooCommerce, Stripe, Mijireh, PayPal – so you can rest assured in knowing that your payment information is safe & secure.

How does Uploading my beast's photo work?

After you place your order for a template or a custom painting, you’ll be able to upload images to your order. (Please see our image submission guidelines.)

Don’t worry if you don’t have digital images handy right away, because you’ll also receive a confirmation email with a link to our photo upload page. Just be sure to send them to us as soon as you can.

What if I want something that isn't offered in your templates?

In that case, we recommend using our Custom Option. You’ll collaborate directly with our artists in order to ensure that you get a beautiful piece of original artwork that fits your specific needs.

What if I want to change my custom request?

If you have ordered a custom painting and make significant changes to the design after payment has been submitted, we reserve the right to charge you for any work completed, both in terms of labor and materials. We also reserve the right to adjust our original quoted price based on the new design.

How Much Does Shipping Cost? Can you ship to my country?

All of our paintings have a flat, $20 shipping fee to anywhere in the Continental U.S.

The shipping fee for international orders outside the U.S. is $45. You should now be able to order directly through the website for international orders.

Duty and import fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We are looking into better ways to facilitate this.

How Do Returns & Refunds Work?

Because our products are customized for each individual, we consider returns on a case-by-case basis. We promise to be reasonable though.

If you change your mind and request a refund before a painting is complete, we will calculate the cost of our labor and materials, and deduct these expenses from the original amount.

After 30 days, we issue refunds as store credit.

Something's not right with my order. What do I do?

If we have made a mistake with your order, contact us and we will do our best to remedy the situation.

Are these Paintings really 100% original?

They sure are. When you order with Splendid Beast, you’re getting artwork that is truly one-of-a-kind. Totally original, preserved in the finest oil paints to last for generations.

Other questions? Ask away at our Contact page!