how to keep dogs off the couch

How to Keep Dogs Off the Couch

Many pet owners allow their dogs to hop on the furniture without thinking twice about it. However, if you don’t keep dogs off the couch, your pooch can easily tear a hole in the upholstery with it’s claws or teeth unintentionally. If the furniture is old, you may not mind, but if you just bought a new couch, a rip in the material may just tear a hole in your heart. It’s painful to see Fido destroy something you just spent your hard-earned money on. Especially if you want your new sofa to last for years to come!

Not wanting your pup on the couch doesn’t make you a bad pet parent; it simply means you want your furniture to last longer. The following tips will help you learn how to keep dogs off the couch.

Give Your Dog an Alternative Resting Area

Just because you don’t want your dog on the furniture doesn’t mean you can’t give them a pet bed of their own. If your pooch has a place to get comfortable, they’re much less likely to sack out on the sofa. To really sweeten the deal, consider giving your pup a toy or an interactive puzzle feeder to keep them content and encourage them to regularly hang out on their bed.

If your dog wants to be near you while you’re sitting on the sofa, pull their bed close. Your pup will be satisfied knowing you’re right there to give out belly scratches as needed. Can you picture your pooch lying on its back, in its cutest pose, right at your feet? Make sure you capture your pup’s perky personality on camera, so you can turn this special memory into a dog painting for your wall.

Occasionally, your pup may try to creep its way onto the couch to sit with you. Be ready for this behavior by utilizing dog training tips and techniques. Use verbal cues, such as “off” to keep your pooch at bay. When your dog gets off the couch, reward them with a tasty treat to reinforce this good conduct.

dogs on a couch bed

Keep Dogs Off the Couch When You’re Not Home

Dogs can be sneaky. If given a chance, your pooch may take a snooze on the couch when no one is home and hop back down when it hears your car in the driveway. To ensure your pup isn’t being mischievous while you’re away, consider blocking off the room with a baby gate. You can also try flipping the couch cushions so they’re standing up. This can help to deter your pooch from climbing on the furniture.

Stay Consistent

If you want your pup to listen, you must maintain a consistent plan. You can’t allow your pooch to jump up on the couch one day and refuse to let it up the next, as doing so will confuse your dog.

Additionally, everyone in the household needs to abide by the same rules. Make sure each person knows what your dog can and can’t do. If everyone treats your pooch the same and addresses behavioral problems abruptly, your pup will be on the road to success in no time.

Luckily, there are several ways to teach your pooch proper furniture etiquette. Every dog is different; what works for one may not be an appropriate solution for the next. Some learn quickly and are eager to please their owners. Others may take a little longer to listen and will require extra attention. As long as you stay consistent and reward the behaviors you want from your dog, your pup will be able to learn any trick in addition to staying off the couch.

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star wars painting

Star Wars Paintings

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… the fate of the galaxy rested in the paws of these splendid pets. Here you can see some of our favorite Star Wars paintings featuring a lot of splendid, furry friends. Some of the best custom movie paintings to come out of Splendid Beast were inspired by Star Wars and it’s many characters.

Single Subject Star Wars Portraits

We’ll start off with some classic, instantly recognizable Darth Vader paintings. You don’t want to get on the bad side of these beasts, cuddly as they may seem..

star wars portrait darth vader dog darth vader cat darth vader dog

Of course, we’re no stranger to Jedi paintings either. Some of the greatest Star Wars paintings come from these lightsaber-wielding warriors.

star wars painting with dog jedi

yoda dog portrait on dagobah star wars painting of dog as jedi star wars dog as a jedi jedi art with dog dog with painting as yoda dog as yoda portrait with comparison

Sometimes the Star Wars art comes straight from movie stills..other times it comes from our splendid patrons’ wildest imaginations.

jar jar binks painting with dog star wars painting of dog podracing star wars painting of han solo dog framed han solo portrait with dog before and after

This would simply be incomplete if we didn’t have at least a couple of Ewok paintings to show off too!

star wars painting of dog as ewok Ewok Dog star wars

Not every beast is so cuddly, however. Some of these Star Wars paintings command and expect respect.

star wars painting kylo ren cat grand admiral thrawn painting as dog star wars cat as director krennic with cat and owner star wars cat as director krennic

Multi-Subject Star Wars Paintings

The splendor of some of these ideas can’t be captured in a portrait of a single beast. Sometimes, more beasts are needed to complete the perfect Star Wars art. Sharp eyes may recognize the Star Wars cats in the cover photo (and below) from the Splinter of the Mind’s Eye comic book.

splinter of the mind's eye star wars wall art with cats star wars artwork with cats leia and chewbacca dogs star wars dogs chewie and leia star wars dogs leia and han solo portrait two cats dueling with lightsabers

Custom Poster Paintings

Some of our favorite custom artwork that we have the joy of working on is movie poster scenes. We’ve created a couple of fantastic Star Wars poster portraits in our time and hope to create more soon!

star wars painting poster star wars cats painting

Is this not the cuddliest, most interesting, and probably weirdest Star Wars art on the internet? Well, as they is in the eye of the beholder.

Ready to commission your own custom Star Wars art? Feel free to send us an email at any time with your wildest ideas!

cat sleeping positions

Common Cat Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

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If you are a pet parent and share a home with cute felines, you know firsthand about the weird and wacky sleeping positions they do. The various different cat sleeping positions can give you a glimpse into what your four-legged friend may be thinking or feeling. When a pet sleeps, it doesn’t just rest. Through a certain position, a feline conveys its mood and feelings: fear, security, depression, or, conversely, relaxation. Learning about every sleeping position will help you ensure that you and your furkid share an amicable living environment.

We’ve rounded up the list that breaks down the most common cat sleeping positions. Each unfolds the peculiarities of the cat sleeping body language.

Cat Sleeping Positions and Their Meanings

The fact that cats spend most of their lives sleeping is no secret to cat owners. Actually, more than half of cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day, and nearly 40% of cats sleep more than 18 hours per day. For their sleep, cats choose standard positions, for instance, curled up in a ball or on their side/back, but sometimes they can be caught in unique places and uncomfortable positions. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the most popular sleeping poses and explain what they say about your kitties.

Curled up Cat Sleeping Position

curled up sleeping cat position
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Undoubtedly, most cats sleep curled in a ball, regardless of the time of year. But why do cats sleep in a ball? The most obvious reason is to conserve heat, as a cat maintains a comfortable body temperature with low energy expenditure. Besides, this sleeping pose indicates the cat’s desire for safety, which is dictated by the survival instinct. On top of that, most felines in shelters and rescues sleep in this position because it allows them to calm down, reduce accumulated stress, and feel confident.

Belly-up Position

Have you ever spotted your cat sleeping on its back? You should feel extremely honored because your pet demonstrates that it feels comfortable and cozy. Carelessly lounging and exposing the most defenseless part of the body – the stomach, the cat shows boundless trust in you and the environment, calmness, and confidence that nothing threatens its life.

Loaf (Sphinx) Position

sphinx loaf cat laying down
Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Named after a loaf of bread (because a sleeping feline resembles it and looks adorable), this position is definitely the most liked and shareable on social media as it looks extra cute. A cat sits upright with its eyes closed, tucks its paws under the body, and curls its tail around it. Some people say that your cat tucks its paws underneath it because it feels content and safe, plus it keeps body heat from escaping. Besides, by sleeping this way, your four-legged buddy demonstrates a laid-back but attentive attitude. Therefore, the cat is snoozing and enjoying its life but is ready to spring into action if needed.

Side Sleeper Position

side sleeping cat
Photo by infoxicated on Unsplash

A sideways sleeper is one of the most comfortable cat’s positions. By stretching its legs out in front, a cat enters a state of deep sleep. This sleeping pose signifies that your kitty feels safe and secure at home and shares a strong bond with you. During deep sleep, cats, like humans, see dreams. If you see your pet’s whiskers or paws twitching while sleeping, your furry friend is most likely having a dream at this time.

Paw Across the Face Position

paw across the face cat
Photo by Ludemeula Fernandes on Unsplash

If you see your kitty in this position, rest assured that this is a definite do not disturb sign. A cat puts its paws across the face unconsciously when it is in deep sleep or when it wants to block out bright lights that prevent it from sleeping.

Bottom Line for Cat Sleeping Positions

Thus, different cat sleeping positions will say much about your cat’s emotional and physical well-being. We mentioned the most common cat sleeping positions, but there are more unique sleeping poses that kitties sometimes choose. For instance, the position inside or under something, sleeping on other pets, sleeping next to their pet parents, and near the owners’ feet.

In addition to the sleeping position, you should pay attention to the feline’s ears and tails. If the ears are moving around, it may mean that your kitty is keeping alert for sounds of a threat. If a tail is twitching, it may mean that a feline is not at ease. Understanding the reasons behind the cat’s sleep behavior will help you not only become the best pet parent but also notice changes in the cat’s health and contact the veterinarian on time.

Do you have the perfect picture of your sleeping furbaby that you’d like to transform into a beautiful, custom, hand-made painting? Check out our options for Photo to Painting recreations! You can also Contact Us here!

Featured image by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

The Most Splendid Beasts of 2021

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A gigantic thank you to all of our customers over the past year. Covid has affected everyone and we really appreciate those who were able to make a commission to help us create this Best of 2021 list. 

We’re very proud of the works we’ve created over the past year and it was difficult to narrow it down to this still quite long list. Consider this just a sample of some of our favorites from throughout the year!

Favorite Shop Designs

We’ll start with some of our favorites that used designs that can be found here in our shop.

Favorite Photo to Painting Recreations

One of our most popular options that we’ve added is our Photo to Painting Recreations. We worked on quite a few of them this year, but here’s a small selection of our favorites.

Favorite Unique Pieces

There are always some pieces that we work on that are a bit more unique. Sometimes in terms of size, sometimes in subject.

the american hotel bar painting cerro gordo

This year, we were honored to be able to work on a unique project for one Brent Underwood. He is currently the owner and sole citizen of the ghost town Cerro Gordo located in California. You can learn more about his story, adventures, and Cerro Gordo on his YouTube channel, Ghost Town Living.

Early on in his days of ownership, there was unfortunately a fire that consumed several buildings. This painting, painted by a former local named Sylvia Winslow, was lost in that fire. It was prominently displayed behind the bar of The American Hotel and was absolutely the centerpiece of the room.

Since then, rebuilding efforts for the hotel have begun. After some painstaking Photoshop work, we were able to recreate the picture from Brent’s videos. Our talented painters then got to work and the result is what you see above. We hope to see it displayed behind the bar of The American Hotel again some day.

This was also our first ever opportunity to paint some domestic pigs!

Of course, we’ll never pass up the chance to paint a Splendid toddler conductor.

We also worked on some glorious and gigantic square paintings! 

Favorite Poker Designs

The poker-playing-pets are always a popular request, and something that we have a lot of experience with too! 

Favorite Custom Pieces

These are always the most difficult to pick. Most of the work we do is from custom requests – and the imagination of people is truly endless. We’ve brought some absolutely outrageous ideas to life and we’re pleased to share them with you in this final medley of masterpieces!

We’ll end with a few of our favorite and golden-framed works. Thanks again to everyone that commissioned a painting from us in 2021. We look forward to creating more masterpieces this year!

As the saying goes, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. We hope you’ve enjoyed our picks for the Best of 2021. We’ll see you next year for another slew of fantastic paintings!

bay horse and dog horse painting

Horse Paintings

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Horse Paintings

Horse paintings actually weren’t something that came about until several years after the creation of Splendid Beast. Since then however, we’ve made some of the best – and somewhat abstract – horse paintings on the internet!

One of our favorite custom paintings is based off of a famous painting by George Stubbs, who was well known for his horse paintings in the latter half of the 18th century. The featured picture for this blog post, also seen below, based off of “Bay Horse and White Dog”, framed in one of our beautiful golden frames.

bay horse and dog horse painting

This next painting was our very first horse painting – as well as one of our first Photo to Painting Recreations, before we even had the option in our shop!

horse painting photo recreation

Horses tend to be accompanied by others, of course. Sometimes, they need some poker buddies. It can’t be too easy to count chips with hooves.

cats dogs horses playing poker painting

Other times they’re posing with their riders and first place ribbons.

horse with owner painting

Sometimes they’re off in the background, coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress..perhaps with a little help.

Knight and Princess Cats painting

The Abstract Side

Some of our favorite paintings are a bit more on the abstract side. Three legged Pepe, for example, made for an excellent painting subject as Don Quixote along with his horse, Rocinante.

Don Quixote dog painting with horse

This pair of cowboys also made great subjects for their painting. Horse cowboys? Horseboys? Cowhorses? Whatever, here’s a couple of dudes with horse heads sitting on a fence.

Told you so!

Do you know of an excellent equine that needs to be expressed and celebrated with an oil painting? Well, now you know to ask – the horse painting experts..

Us. That’s us. We’re those experts!

So what do you think? Are you ready to move forward with your idea? Click here to email us right now! You can include as much or as little detail as you’d like. Nothing is too far fetched – just let us know what you’re thinking!

Also, be sure to check out our Cat Paintings and Dog Paintings pages in case you need some inspiration.

how fast can dogs run

How Fast Can Dogs Run?

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How Fast Can Dogs Run?

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About A Dog’s Speed

You must have seen a dog run with their tails wagging and their tongues hanging while they try to run as hard as they can with their tiny legs to match your speed and wondered, “How fast can dogs run?”. They sure do look super cute. These creatures are not the fastest ones on earth, but they definitely want to be your running partner whenever you go out. 

Needless to say, every dog runs the way they want to. However, the running speed of a dog depends on their breed and their physical health or sometimes weight, too. Different dogs can run anywhere between 15 to 20 miles per hour. This means they are good at speed and can chase you if they want. 

Here are some fascinating things you should know about a dog’s speed. 

Factors That Affect How Fast Dogs Can Run

Some physical factors help determine how fast you can run. These factors usually include


These factors work in dogs just the way they work in humans. You can’t make an old man run in a park or even in the house. You don’t expect them to. 

Likewise, in dogs, the older the dog, the slower they would be. Or maybe this also depends on how feisty and playful your dog is. Older or adult dogs mainly want to preserve their health by eating little food and limited physical activity. 

Unlike the young ones, adult dogs do not run about the house and stay in their spot until asked to move. 

On the other hand, young dogs love to play and are lively enough to go out and run frantically. They love going on a walk, chasing you, or running alongside you even if they are too big to catch up with you. 


Bits of research show that male dogs run much faster than females dogs. It is associated with muscle strength, aerobic power, and the way a dog’s body is built. 

The same is the case with every other species, where dogs have more stamina and the power to run faster than females. However, there are exceptions, and female lions run faster and are swifter in the running than male lions. 


The size of the dog matters significantly when it comes to how fast a dog can run. Bigger dogs like great danes can make quicker sprints, while the smaller dog breeds like Shih Tzu would struggle a tad more with running at a reasonable speed. 

Hence, the running ability varies amongst breeds. Every breed has its own strengths and weaknesses that determine how fast it can run. 

The endurance of a species is also essential. For example, dogs with smaller faces find it harder to breathe than dogs with more prominent faces because of the shape of their skulls. 

Breathing difficulties become more pronounced during the summer season, and such dogs should not be made to run a lot. 

Activity Level

A dog that loves to run will never get tired of running. In contrast, a lazy dog with no motivation for physical activity would prefer to crash in its favorite spot. 

Therefore, the motivation of every dog is essential to know how much they can run and how fast. You can’t make a clumsy dog sprint, and you can’t tame a lively dog to sit and not run around. Also, you need to make sure you are feeding your dog with high calorie dog food so that your dog’s nutritionals needs are met.


A healthy dog means a healthy lifestyle that facilitates excellent physical health and running. A sick dog can never run as well as a healthy dog. 

Similarly, a dog with congenital problems like hip dysplasia or weak bones will find it harder to run than the general population of dogs of the same breed. 

Congenital anomalies are pretty common in dogs and can’t be ignored when talking about the speed of a dog. 

dogs running together how fast can dogs run

The Fast Dog Breeds

Naturally, the fast ones have longer legs, lean bodies, and incredible muscular strength. These include:

  • Greyhound
  • Saluki
  • Afghan Hound 
  • Vizsla
  • Jack Russell terrier 
  • Dalmatian
  • Borzoi
  • Whippet
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Border Collie
  • German Shepherd 
  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Italian Greyhound 

The Slow Dog Breeds

The slower ones with tiny bodies and cuter paws include:

  • Shih Tzu 
  • Pug
  • Old English Mastiff 
  • Toy poodle
  • Bulldog 
  • Basset Hound 

So How Fast Can Dogs Run? Signs To Look For

So, how can you tell if your dog is slower or faster than the rest?

Maybe someday you can make them race with a neighbor’s dog and find out. But there are some ways to tell if your dog is one of the faster ones.

The way they run can tell you a lot. For example, before they are ready to sprint, their posture is associated with how much they prepare themselves because the correct way of running means faster running. 

For instance, when they chase you, they are mainly able to catch you or outrun you. Other times, they may run in a synchronized manner. It means they move their front and back legs together for a faster sprint. 

They may also adjust their bodies to adapt against air resistance by keeping their ears down. 

You Can Train Your Dog To Run Fast

Not all dogs are made to run fast, and you should not push them beyond their limits. However, you can always train your dog, so they should stay in good health and physique. 

First, determine their diet, so they do not overdo their calories. Their lean body is crucial not only for fast running but also for good health. 

On the flip side, you can get yourself proper running gears and remember to start slow. 

how fast can dogs run

Final Thoughts

A dog that runs fast is an excellent workout partner. You can run great distances with them, and they would love to be next to you when you both are outdoors. 

You can’t make a dog with tiny paws take significant steps. Hence, if you want a canine companion who is ready to sprint off with you, you need a physically strong and mentally active breed and feisty. 

This will be a whole lot of fun for your workout routines. 

If you want to know about the latest information about dog food, visit Dog Food Desire. 

If you’re interested in seeing or commissioning a painting of your speedy (or not so speedy) companion, visit our Dog Painting page or email us directly at [email protected].

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Space Cat Art – Paintings in Space!

Space Cat art has basically been a staple of the internet since the internet was a thing. We’ve had a lot of Astronauts blast off from our pet painting shop designs, sometimes with or without a space suit. We’ve also had plenty of custom space designs come through over the years. The end result from all this is, of course, Space Cats! Here we will celebrate and showcase a bit of our favorite Space Cat art that we’ve created.

We recently finished a new Space Cat, @spaceboyirl‘s BonBon! You can see Spaceboy and BonBon live here on

Spaceboy influencer space cat painting

Of course, there’s no shortage of space-y backgrounds for these Space Cats. Here’s another more vintage Space Cat of ours that we call, The Space Cadet.

space cadet pet painting

This next Space Cat-det doesn’t seem very amused to be stuffed into a suit.

space cadet painting

Timeless Splendid Beast Space Cat Art

Space Cat paintings have been produced by us since some of the very earliest days of Splendid Beast. Here are some of our favorite space cats from previous years:

space cat head in space

This Splendid space cat even paid us another visit!

cat with cat painting splendid beast

space painting of cat

cat in space with nebula painting

cat in space paintings

space cats pet painting

Another classic Space Cat from the way back when days of even worse cameras. The amount of detail can still shine through it, though.

space cat art

Unfortunately, some of our earliest Space Cat art wasn’t framed or captured very well on camera. Regardless, this regal space-faring feline remains as our earliest example of a true Space Cat painting. Truly, a cat ahead of his time.

space cat art pet painting

These starry eyed kitties may not quite measure up to brave Félicette, the first cat in space (cat astronaut?), but they still do pretty well! Not many have the nine lives to spare to go into space without a suit.

Ready for your own space cat art? Immortalize your own feline friend from our list of no costume pet painting shop designs! We also have a plethora of costumed designs to pick from too!

Harry Potter Oil Paintings – Wizard dogs, witch cats, and magic, oh my!

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Ever since the early days of Splendid Beast, the world of Hogwarts has been a constant inspiration. Harry Potter oil paintings have been a staple of ours for years now.

Here you’ll find our favorite examples of wizard cats, wizard dogs, witch cats..well you get the picture.

The Potter portrait early years

harry potter dog portrait

This is one of the original Harry Potter portrait requests from way back when. It later turned into our shop design, The Potter. The overall design has since changed only slightly and we now offer the same design for each Hogwarts House.

harry potter cat

Harry Potter cats, Harry Potter dogs, we’ve done them all.

harry potter dog

Our current Harry Potter dog / face of the aforementioned shop design. The Chosen Pup.

ravenclaw painting

Other Hogwarts Houses can be represented in the same design with few design changes needed. The standard Harry Potter portrait can become a Ravenclaw painting with nothing more than a new emblem and some changed colors. The bow is just for witch cat style points.

harry potter cat

A great example showing how we can change up the colors any way you like. A truly glorious and golden-clad Splendid cat wizard for the ages.

Customized Harry Potter oil paintings

dumbledore portrait

As time went on, we had customers want their Beast represented by other Potter characters and locations. Albarkus Dumbledog and Fawkes made fantastic subjects for a Dumbledore portrait.

dumbledore portrait

Dumble-Husky made for another amazing addition to the ranks of our Harry Potter oil paintings. You can never have enough wizard dogs, Headmaster wizard dogs, and Dumbledore portraits.

harry potter cats

Sometimes, Harry Potter cats just want to hang out in the Hogwarts library.

harry potter cats

But other times, those Harry Potter cats will fight pixies and lounge around in the Defense Against the Dark Arts room. Still though, you can never have enough witch and wizard cats.

harry potter cat

The term Harry Potter cats can certainly sometimes be taken a bit more literally. Certain freeze-frames of the wizard cat can make for some of the best Harry Potter portraits.

snape portrait

One of our absolute favorites, this Snape portrait along with his doe Patronus. Definitely one of the most Splendid of all the Harry Potter cats..and not a wizard cat you want to cross.

harry potter dog

Of course, it’s tough to beat Harry Potter oil paintings that are also a book cover and include a delicious pun.

When it comes to pet paintings, we’re definitely the ones you want. But then add Harry Potter into the mix? Who else could you ask for?

Send us an email at [email protected] if you’re interested in commissioning your own customized, magical Harry Potter pet portrait. The Potter shop design is available for order at any time.

Want even more pet paintings in your life? Follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages to enjoy the newest and best Splendid Beast pet paintings.

5 dogs playing poker painting

Poker Playing Dogs Paintings & more!

Paintings of dogs playing poker have been around for a long time, popularized in the early 1900’s with the recognizable “A Friend in Need” painting…but what about cats playing poker paintings? Or paintings of cats and dogs playing poker together? Or even horses playing poker?

Fortunately, Splendid Beast is here to answer this call. We’ve done everything from solo pets to 8 pets playing poker together!

Here are some Splendid duos to start it off:

two dogs playing cards

2 dogs playing poker together

You’ll quickly begin to see how various additions and changes to these portraits can make them much more personalized.

Customizing the poker playing Beasts

Visits to the Old West (and further) are not out of the question. What better place to find poker playing dogs?

two dogs playing poker in old west saloon

Sometimes those poker playing pets like to dress up for the occasion as well.

dog and cat playing poker

But there’s always room for more poker playing dogs and cats!

3 dogs and a cat gambling and drinking

Sometimes their humans like to join in as well..

owner holding cat playing poker painting

They’re quite the dapper looking group of poker pets.

5 cats playing poker in costume

owner playing poker with his pets

But most of the time, there’s no room for humans! We can really pack in the poker dogs, poker cats, horses?

two dogs playing cards

5 dogs playing poker painting

4 cats and dog playing poker

poker playing pets in costume

5 dogs at a table with games and drinks

6 dogs at a table with cards

8 dogs play cards together

Sometimes, a poker dog’s best friend is just 7 more of himself! Because why not?

The OG Splendid poker pets

Here’s a few more of our favorite poker playing dogs and poker playing cats paintings from previous years:

coolidge dogs painting

A Splendid Beast oldie but goldie. Based on the original “A Friend in Need”, this was the first poker dogs painting that we ever made. Not a single one has been the same over the years, so each has their own unique flavor and design changes.

cats playing poker

dogs and cats playing poker

There will never be a shortage of poker playing pets to make paintings out of, so we’ll update this page with new portraits as we create them!

Want your own pet painting depicting a poker battle for the ages? Order your own custom pet painting or pick from our list of template pet paintings! You can also email us with your idea directly by clicking here.

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