Star Wars Pet Paintings

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The fate of the galaxy rests in the paws of these splendid pets!

Here are some of our custom Star Wars-themed pet paintings — they are some of our favorites, and we know you’ll love them too.

Animal painting - lightsaber duel - Splendid Beast

The dashing Han Solo makes an appearance in this dog painting.

Dog Painting - Han Solo - Splendid Beast

Canine Jedi Master Yoda wields his lightsaber.

Dog Paintings - Yoda - Splendid Beast


And another, darker take on yoda.

The only thing cuter than an ewok is a dog in an ewok costume.

Dog Painting - Ewok - Splendid Beast

Chewbacca’s best friend Han Solo is just as furry as him when both are in a dog painting together.

Dog paintings - Star Wars - Splendid Beast

The Jedi in this dog painting is preparing to fend off the Separatist armies.

Dog painting - Jedi - Splendid Beast


Star Cats. ‘Nuff said.




And dogs, too. Why not?




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