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Splendid Owners and their Splendid Beasts

Some of our favorite things to receive are pictures of our Splendid customers and their Splendid Beast(s) next to their Splendid Beast paintings! Here’s a few of our favorites (Until we find a more permanent home for them! hint-hint) that our awesome customers have shared with us! Special thanks to Max for sharing our featured photo with us and enduring an especially long design phase! It’s no small feat fitting that many Victorian kitties playing poker together at the same table!

splendid beast

Geoffrey the Airedale is looking nice and dapper in his Professor suit and monocle. Our thanks go out to Beth!

huge dog painting

A fine huge custom painting example of life imitating art..or is it art imitating life? Dog for scale. Yes, we really do paintings this big..and bigger!


splendid beast

Of course, we cannot forget our Splendid patriots, taking after General Washington.

splendid beast pirate

Sailor here definitely makes a convincing Pirate! Just be glad he’s only after your catnip.

Have you bought or received a Splendid Beast painting before? Send us pictures of yourself and your Beast with it!

You could be featured here in our blog or perhaps in a super secret future section of the website..

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