Huge Custom Pet Paintings!

What better way to honor your furry friends than with an enormous oil painting?

Yes, that’s right, your pets painted any way you like.


We’re talking no limits here.


Describe what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

Need it framed? We can handle it.


But these canvas sizes are not for the faint of heart, my child.

Need to clear some serious room above the mantle, you will.

36″ x 48″ or even 48″ x 72″!

Better yet, dedicate an entire wall for this sacred work.

If you are truly ready, then it’s time to learn the ways of the Splendid Beast.

1. Place your order with us

You can tell us how many pets, how big the painting should be and whether you want it framed.

2. Tell us exactly how you’d like your painting to look

Don't spare any details! This masterpiece is going to last the ages, so let's do it right.

3. Send us really good pictures

These should be of your dogs, cats, horses, or any other pets or people you'd like in the painting.
We're talking high res, from a smartphone, taken in daylight, showing the full face and body. Send us as many as you like. Include any inspiration images for the painting, too.

4. Provide feedback on our mock-ups until you’re happy

We won't start painting until we've captured just the scene you want. The mock-ups are based on your images and descriptions, then the paintings are based on the mock-ups. Dig?

5. We deliver an enormous handmade oil painting on canvas eight weeks later

You can't rush fine art. Take our word for it: this much oil on canvas takes a while to dry. Get that wall ready in the meantime. This work you're commissioning is going to be the center of attention very soon.

6. Make other pets and pet owners jealous

No one else is going to have a 48" x 72" painting of their dog drinking scotch. Don't forget to send us pictures of your pets with to their paintings afterward for a chance to win another one.

Gangster Dog Painting
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Cat and its owner pictured with Persistence of Feline Memory Painting
5 star Splendid Beast review from Facebook

Ready to become a patron of the pet arts?

Tell us how your beasts shall be painted.