Musical Pet Paintings

Musical pet paintings are definitely a rare breed..but sometimes, they can contain the best settings for immortalizing your pet into a fantastic custom painting. These are a couple of our favorite examples across four different musicals.

Here we go again!

musical dogs

You can commission a painting of your own musically gifted Beast as well through our custom order page.

Creating a Stress-Free Work Environment

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We’re big believers here at Splendid Beast that work should be enjoyable and stress-free.

Obviously, that’s easy to say when your business is creating custom pet portraits.

Even so, we think a lot of the values we hold and the practices we use could work perfectly well in other workplaces, too, if managers and owners would give them the chance.

Here’s what we recommend.

Let people set their own schedules

Your employees have other things going on in their lives besides working for you, right?

Well, when you let them prioritize their lives in a way that matches with their actual priorities, guess what, they become loyal to you.

When you need to cram for the holiday rush of dog portraits and cat paintings, they’ll be there for you. They’ll remember all the times you were flexible in letting them take trips or mornings off.

What about all the work that needs doing?

You need to communicate with your team when it needs to be done by and make sure to plan accordingly so you meet your deadlines. Better yet, when an employee needs some flexibility and you have a looming deadline, ask them how they can take the time off they need and still get their work done on time. Then hold them to that new plan.

Need to meet at specific times that work for everyone? That’s to be expected. But shoot to keep meetings to a minimum. There are other ways to coordinate now, like Slack, email, and shared documents in the cloud.

Set (and Practice) Reasonable Communication Turnaround Times

Most of us receive email on our smartphones and have near-constant access to the internet now.

Does that mean we should immediately respond to every question people throw at us? No!

In fact, every time you switch tasks you lose productivity.

We’re big believers in Deep Work, which is the focused time we spend on difficult tasks in which we’re the most productive. That means turning email notifications off, and batching communication time to just two to three time slots per day.

That’s right. Most of the time people don’t need answers in under 24 hours, so we stick to that expectation. It has very rarely steered us wrong, and saved us a ton of task switching time.

Schedule your email time for yourself, and stick to it. Communicate to others (maybe in your signature) about how you work, and don’t be embarrassed to tell them you’re doing it so you can better serve them.

Need answers faster sometimes? Then call the person. Or text them. Or have some other means of quick communication when needed.

Note that this 24-hour turnaround time goes for communication with customers, too. Many people in business are nervous to leave customers hanging too long for fear that they’ll lose the business. But that rarely happens in most industries.

In general, people aren’t sitting around and waiting for email responses; they usually move on to something else while they wait.

Never work when sick and don’t let others do it either

It’s very strange to us how, by default, people in the U.S. seem to work while they are sick. This never made sense to us. When you’re sick, your body needs to rest to feel better. And it needs to feel better to be productive at work.

Oh, and there are these things call germs. You spread them when you come into the office sick and endanger the productivity and health of everyone else.

So. Just. Stop.

Go home.

You can always find a way to shuffle around the work when someone is out for an extended period. You should have backups for each role in your business anyway in case people leave or can’t work do to emergencies.

Building in redundancies is part of your job as a business owner or manager. So flex your flexibility muscle when illnesses present the opportunity.

Let people work remote

This is admittedly a controversial one, but for reasons we don’t totally understand.

The topic has been treated best in the book Remote: Office Not Required.

Here’s the gist: you need your team to complete their work and communicate clearly. It’s now the 21st century, so you no longer need to be in the same physical space to do those things any more.


You don’t actually need to care about the hours people are putting in, you just need the work done.

And how will you know the work is getting done? You will check it.

Yep. That’s it.

(We use Trello for our internal project management, but there are many great tools for this.)

Need to communicate face-to-face? Use Zoom or another video meeting tool.

Don’t trust your employees to enter their hours honestly? Then you have bigger issues. Businesses are built on trust.


The benefits of a stress-free work environment

These are pretty straightforward: your place of work with be more enjoyable for you and your team.

Moreover, your team will speak well of your company and really dig in during the inevitable busy times with little complaint.

You’ll have given them what other work places didn’t, a stress-free way to earn a living, so you’ll have their loyalty, respect and appreciation.



Pirate Cat

Pirate Cat

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The Pirate has always been a favorite of ours among all the pet painting templates we offer.  It’s typically commissioned as a dog painting but we love seeing a fierce, swashbuckling pirate cat!

This customer in particular requested a stylish eye patch for their Splendid one-eyed Beast.  We think it sits well and adds a pretty cunning look.

Want your own Beast of the sea painted into a treasure worthy of Blackbeard himself?  Choose from our assortment of plunder!  Yo-ho!

Batman Dog

Batman Dog Painting

This was an especially fun custom dog painting we made last year in a short series of superhero paintings. Batman Dog definitely doesn’t seem quite as intimidating as Batman does.

“He’s the canine Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now…

So we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he’s not our hero. He’s a cuddly guardian.

A watchful companion.

A Dog Knight.”

Want your own Splendid superhero painting? Contact us with your idea!

Rat Portrait with floral background

Rat Painting

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We created this oil painting of a pet rat based on our Floral Template!


Rat painting portrait by Splendid Beast

Perhaps even more intriguing is the friendship the subject apparently had with a cat.  Here’s what the owner had to say.

“The rat’s name was Butter and the cat’s name is Margarine. Butter wasn’t a traditional rat, she didn’t live in a cage and she had free reign of the house so she and Margarine could play and cuddle. We got Margarine as a kitten so he grew up with Butter as his older sister. Butter taught Margarine everything (even how to open the cabinets and crawl up to the hidden treats). Butter and Margarine spent most of their time together: play time, grooming, walks, naps, etc. It was a special friendship. We decided to get a painting done of Butter after she passed. Margarine definitely keeps all of the weird habits and has since befriended a squirrel that visits our apartment’s balcony.”

Rat hanging out with a cat


Have a cute rodent of your own? We’d love to paint them!

French Bulldog Painting by Splendid Beast

French Bulldog Painting

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Here’s Ben’s dog Gizmo in his very own French bulldog painting. In this case, painted as The Czar Splendid Beast template.

This was the original Czar painting for us! Long-time Splendid Beast fans will recognize this one from the top of our home page.

You can also find Gizmo on our about and blog pages.

Here he is framed as The Professor:

Ben's Dog Gizmo Splendid Beast Oil Painting



He also made a dashing appearance as Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks (which was obviously a custom order):



Stay tuned for more appearances of french bulldogs!




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