About Us

Ben & Tom founded Splendid Beast in 2014

after noticing a severe lack of

outrageous pet oil paintings on the internet.

See us on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy!


Ben's old roommate and friend Eagan took over in 2017

and moved the virtual headquarters to Madison, Wisconsin USA.

Here he is with his dog-in-law Champ, who later played a game of cribbage.


Aaron joined the team the same year and currently resides in Austin, Texas USA.

We are proud to be an international small business.

We only use trusted painters from around the world who do great work!


Our long-time painter liaison Hilu died tragically in France in 2019.

We miss her very much.


We now work primarily with Vera, whose team (Wu, Lin, and others) has been sending

incredible pet paintings directly out of Hong Kong since 2017.

Our goal is to provide awesome artwork 

that celebrates your Splendid Beast.

Ben now teaches all over the world.

He eventually got a great dog named Gizmo who passed away in 2019.

If you look closely, you can still spot Gizmo throughout the website.

Ben's Dog Gizmo Splendid Beast Oil Painting