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Yes, our templates are awesome, but that doesn't mean that they're the only way

to customize your oil painting.


Our custom option gives you total freedom. Simply tell us your idea and

we'll begin the collaboration process. Custom prices typically range

from $149-$299, and generally the more specific your idea,

the more the cost increases.


Take a look at our examples for some ideas.



Original Request: "Our dog as a character

from that popular film series."

Original photo

Custom 1

Oil Painting

Custom Oil 1

Original Request: "Our sleepy Chihuahua as
Ernest Hemingway's Big game hunting trophy."

 Original Photo

Custom 2

Oil Painting

Custom Oil 2



Original Request: "My cat as Napoleon!"

Original Photo

Custom 3

Oil Painting

Custom Oil 3

Original Request: "Our dog dressed up
like a victorian clown."

  Original Photo

Custom 4

Oil Painting

Custom Oil 4

Original Request: "Our dog copper as a
minnesota wild hockey player."

 Original Photo

Custom 5

Oil Painting

Custom Oil 5

Original Request: "This awesome photo of my cat,
recreated exactly as is."

 Original Photo

Awesome Cat Photo


Oil Painting

Awesome Cat Painting


Contact us with your idea &

we'll start making magic happen

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